Friday, August 22, 2008

In Conclusion

China was hard, but so much fun.

I started this blog claiming that anyone who read it would be doing it out of pity. Now I've heard that for some people, reading this has become a part of their daily routine (and only one of those people was my mom). Following my stories, a habit! But all things must come to an end.

I've done a lot since I left. I was rerouted flying out of the country. I bought a cheap watch. Then tried to get a refund. I purchased a scarf for the first time, got unexcited about China, felt really embarrassed, slept in my roommate's bed. I chatted up the bakery girl, broke copyright law, ate dinner with a Chinese family and a secret vegetarian, grabbed a cab, and realized that Chinese really enjoy the NBA. And that was just in the first month.

I used to think that I wasn't good at finishing things, that I was doomed to having great ideas that I couldn't bring to completion. But I have consistently blogged for the last seven months. Cumulatively, about 75,000 words. That's long enough to be a book. Speaking of which, I've been writing a novel. I never finish my writing projects, but maybe I will this time. Anyone who's read through these posts has surely earned a look at the final product when I'm done (this time 2009?).

One final story. After I hung out with a bunch of my friends tonight, Jessica dropped me off at home. As I got out of her car, I started making sure that I hadn't forgotten anything. I hadn't been wearing a hat, I didn't have any bags, my wallet was in my pocket. Why think through this so assiduously? So that when the taxi drove off I wouldn't lose anything, of course.

That's silly, I told myself. You're not in a taxi. But my mind persisted in thinking the situation through: it's okay, I said. If I left anything behind, just make sure to write down the license plate number and I can find the driver. Who can I get to call the taxi company who speaks good enough Chinese to explain what happened?

And then, at the end of my chain of thought rested this dilemma: I could call Sophia, but now that I'm in America it'd be really expensive to get in touch with her.

And so it goes.


Aunt Gwen said...

I'm sad that this has ended. Why don't you start a blog about college life. It may be just as interesting and foreign to those of us reading! This way my daily routine can continue! How about a series? Will goes to China..Will goes to College...Will gets a job....(kind of like a curious George series)

Ardeth said...

Thank you for the 7 months! It gave us a chance to relive our trip to China in 1999. It also gave us many new insights through your eyes. Again, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Will. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and misadventures.

Mrs. Curti

jessica said...

i got a shout out!

Sheri said...

I think Aunt Gwen's idea of "Will goes to college" blog is a good one. You have a gift for writing and we have all enjoyed it. We're sad to have the blog end but glad to have you around so we can enjoy you.

Anonymous said...

You Aunt Ginny said you like to know the different outreach of your blog. Grammy Dru married my father, Fred. We thoroughly enjoyed your blog after reading it at Dru's house a few weeks ago. Thankfully, all the blogs were online so we were able to fill our hours with your adventures after arriving home. So sad it's over and agreeing with those who desire more. You do have a gift for sharing. Perhaps as a tour guide one day?? After college, of course.

David Griffen said...

I enjoyed reading your blog Will, thanks for sharing your adventure :D