Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End is Near

This blog entry has been in the back of my mind since the first week I came to China, so even if it's not that interesting or whatever, I'm still going to talk about it, since tonight is my last night in China, and time is short.

I want to mention all the experiences I've had with music since I've been overseas.

On my first day in Chengdu, back in January, our group ate lunch a few tables away from a wedding ceremony. Weddings in China are a little strange, since they don't have the traditions we do--hence pastel blue wedding dresses. But what I haven't forgotten is that one of the songs they sang was "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands."

I went in to a music store once and tried to buy authentic Chinese music. One CD was Jay Chou, who's like a Chinese Backstreet Boy in popularity, and the other is... erhu. That's a two-stringed instrument which, played well, sounds like someone is moaning to death. I've gotten used to it, though, just like Mom taught us to eat fish.

When I went to Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of the summer, I had a picnic lunch with a few 10 year old boys I met. As we hiked, they broke out into an accented, thankfully incomplete rendition of "Smack That."

Later in Kyrgyzstan, I heard the latest American hip-hop song for the first time. I disliked it so much I was going to write an entry about how bad it was, but then I had other things to do.

When I was really overwhelmed living at the train station in Kazhakstan, I bought a CD of My Chemical Romance, a classic emo band. Most of their songs are about dying, but I've enjoyed having new music anyway.

I think I was in Turpan (that is, remote desert in China) when my taxi driver played "Numa, Numa." Several times. I doubt he's seen the video. (I'd link to it but China won't let me.)

And finally, during the Olympics, they play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

Links to old posts to remind myself what all has happened in the last seven months.


Deb at Mount Calvary said...

Your parents are missionaries that our church supports, so I was introduced to your blog through one of their letters. I have enjoyed following your adventures and checked regularly for updates. My life will now be just a bit more boring without your blog to entertain me as I eat my lunch. Here's hoping that you will soon have new adventures and will continue to blog. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your blog. Deb at Mount Calvary

Ardeth said...

I second that! Dave and I go to your blog everyday to read the latest. Maybe now you can be "Will at Florida U," or whatever.......

Your music entry reminded us of the time we were standing with Virginga and your Grandad on a street in Hong Kong, waiting for the parade celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the PRC. To begin the parade, here comes the first band playing............................."The Battle Hymn of the Republic." We couldn't believe it!

Aloha and safe journey, Ardeth