Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hello, and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy my stories about going to China. But first, a disclaimer: This blog will not be perfect. I tell that to myself as much as to anyone reading this, because I don't like to do things--especially writing--without doing it as well as possible. Unfortunately, though, I won't have time while I'm in China to compose great passages. So, I thank anyone who intends to follow this blog, since it will be more an act of your love than a demonstration of my ability. This post might be okay, but there's no way I can manage quality and consistency.

Self-deprecation (even though I'm serious about it) isn't all I have to talk about, however. I'd like to move on to the most exciting part of my adventure: the adventure part.

I left Orlando this afternoon on a plane to D.C. and am now composing this first blog entry during my flight to Chicago. Once I get there, I'll check into a hotel until crazy early tomorrow morning I'll meet up with people from my program and start the really intense part. We arrive in San Francisco before noon, have a few hours layover, and then start our thirteen hour flight to Shanghai. Yes, thirteen hours. That's about 46,000 silent ticks on Verizon's clocks (although once I leave the country my cell phone will be useless and I'll need to buy one there). That's more than a month's worth of McNamara, with less legroom. That's twenty-six episodes of Barney, and since kids who still measure time that way probably can't reliably count to twenty-six, it shows you how close to forever thirteen hours is.

And yet, thirteen hours is still not enough time to find a comfortable position in your seat. I was practicing on my flights today, trying to find a decent way to sleep. I have a small body, so I figured I'd have no problem, but almost every way I lean over my legs fall asleep, and with the .7° tilt that airplane seats recline, leaning back didn't help. When I fly with Andrew and Melanie, we all just lean on each other, but tomorrow I won't know anyone well enough to do that.

Well, well, I'll quit complaining now. I'm only complaining out of excitement. After all, when I went to Brazil after 10th grade, we had a nine hour flight and while it was torturous, I'm still here. (Otherwise it would be murder, not torture, see.)

I'll post again from the other side. If you'd like, you leave me a comment to let me know you were here.


Mom said...

Hi all,
If you'd like to leave a comment, click on the blue "comments" word. When you're done writing your comment, you'll also have to do the "word verification" typing at the comment page. (It's a common security measure) and choose how to list yourself on the site. You can see I choose the "nickname" button. That's all- it's easy!

Aunt Gwen said...

We are looking forward to "traveling" along with you! Have a great time and a great adventure! (Mikie was very excited when he found out he can "text message" you!)

Sheri said...

i'll check in every once in a while.

no questions asked. ;]

Sheri said...

oh snap.
that was me, melanie just leaving that comment. on mom's account.. oops. i should work on changing that..

Virginga said...

Gosh, Will, My first blog experience! Oh, gee, I had to stop in the middle of fixing dinner and call your Mom when I suddenly realized you weren't JUST going to China. You were going to Chicago and San. Fran. I had such a fright when I remembered the news about San Fran. with UFOs smashing into everything and scaffolding collapsing through windows, etc. as the storms raged. And, to think you might be there.. I am so glad you avoided all of that.
I got teary when you mentioned traveling with Melanie and Andrew and now you are all alone.
I hope the Trips of a Lifetime 1 & 2 have helped prepare you for this Adventure of a Liftime in some small way. At least you are used to ledging.
Thanks for taking us all along with you. And, I love your funny writing. :) I plan to print copies of all your entries to take to Grammy Dru. She will be so thrilled to hear you. Till later. Love, Virginga

GrandDad said...

will great blog expect to frequently check in. glad for your safe journey, glad your travel weary legs still work, glad for your adventure. pleasant read your blog. love grandad. ps life here is normal- in comparison not as exciting but great fun

jimmy t said...

I miss your wit, guess the blog will have to do.