Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Student Formerly Known as D-Level

I finished my first four-week program at BLCU a few days ago. On August 20th, I'll be going back to America. I haven't blogged in a few days because I've been collecting video to demonstrate our varying levels of Chinese.

Here is Whitney, an American who was in A-level.

I interviewed someone from B-level, but then I accidentally deleted it. Oops. So now we're skipping ahead to D-level, with a guy from my class who's Peruvian-American.

And here's a piece from the worst guy in D-level. I think his was the least grammatical of all of these interviews.

There was one other average American white guy in my class. He's the one I went to church with.

And this is what most of the kids in my class sounded like: The native speakers who were in our D-level class because they weren't fluent at reading.

So for those of you not listening to four hours of Chinese a day, I hope that provides a good introduction to the way Chinese actually sounds. And hopefully all these samples aren't overwhelming, because I had enough of that this last month.

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Mom said...

I really enjoyed the videos here! This concept for a blog is very compelling and I watched them more than once.
I imagine that next time I talk to Grammie she won't be able to resist mentioning them either. lol