Friday, July 11, 2008

Stress Reliever

I made it through another week of class and decided to go shopping tonight to celebrate. Girly? Mabye. But I've figured out that China is the best place for me to buy shorts. I'm skinnier than almost everyone in the States, but here I'm about average. Then I paid a ridiculous amount for Häagen-Dazs, and finished by buying a few DVDs.

I'm sad to say that the online high-five I offered yesterday for figuring out how to translate a number from the Chinese to the American way of organizing them goes unrewarded. You guys left me hanging? David was close, but missed a zero. (A "wiggety" is 10,000,000, which has eight zeros. Subtract one to get rid of the decimal and you should be left with seven zeros, not six. See yesterday's post and the comments.)

Today in class we talked about putting emotion into our Chinese. I found it really fascinating, because I've always wondered how to be sarcastic in Chinese. I'm not very good at it. Speaking of sarcasm, a little treat for you all: the video I promised several months ago of the sports day at my school in Chengdu. I think my tone of voice was a little over-the-top, but you still might enjoy watching my little documentary.

I'm going to go marvel at my new pair of stress-relieving shorts.


Mom said...

Grammie called me just to tell me she saw your blog video. And I quote "it was soo interesting!" "it was funny" if you can do more video, please do- it really was interesting.
Poppop says- it was also sarcastic. Nice.
She's not gonna call you so this is her feedback.

Sheri said...

so are you going to post a photo of you in the new "stress-relieving" shorts for us to all admire?

Mel said...

hahaha. im behind on your blogs. but this was fun to watch :) i miss you!