Friday, June 20, 2008

Tiger Leaping Gorge

In pictures:
The gorge:

Scenery along the trail:

Mountains on the side opposite our hike:

The five of us who did the hike (do you like my Thai shirt?):

Me, day two:

A waterfall we had to go over:

And while crossing it:

Then I felt like cooling off:

Then we were done and it was on to new friends and fun in Shangri-la:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. That's all. Just, Beautiful.
Mrs. Curti

Anonymous said...

Bravo !
Great job with the travelog in pictures.
More - more.
PopPop & Mimi

Sheri said...

looks like sooo much fun! I'm jealous.

Mom said...

These photos lead to so many questions- like- were you carrying your computer in your backpack while hiking?? How was it hiking in soaking wet clothes after the splashing in the waterfall? I guess it was hot there? It looks so crazy mountainous- did you hike down to the bottom of the gorge and along all those roads? wow. You've become one of those globe-trotting backpackers!