Monday, June 23, 2008

Morning McDonald's

Today I went to one of the best sights I've seen ever.

But this post is about the morning, which actually began last night. At 9 in the evening I boarded a horrible sleeper bus from Dali to Kunming. There was the usual problem: the bed was too short. But they also played music until around midnight, trolled Dali for more passengers for an hour before we actually left, and then--ironincally--didn't take long enough to get to Kunming, so we arrived at maybe 4 in the morning. I'm not sure exactly what time, because I was so tired that I looked around, kept sleeping, then woke up at half past seven to see we were still in the same parking lot. I asked where we were and disembarked a little embarrassed.

I walked around trying to figure out what I wanted to do today, since it was still so early in the morning. I saw a McDonald's, really needed a taste of home, and went in hoping that an Egg McMuffin wouldn't taste much different in China than it did before debate tournaments in high school.

Good ole Mai Dang Lao. It didn't. I ate 17 kuai worth of America with my #2 meal, which at $2.50 is a really cheap meal in the States and an incredibly expensive one in China. They had corporate decorations of appropriately diverse people in McBliss, a computer with Internet, and even two other traveling Americans. The workers had a bad attitude and slight smell, which just made me miss the branch in Waterford.

McDonald's in China is practically the same as in the States except that they get offended if you try to throw away your own trash. They also have weird menu items (like stuffed hash browns, which I barely avoided this morning) but all the normal ones, too.

So I might not have even mentioned my trip, but I've never shaved in McDonald's. Until this morning, at least. The overnight bus ride left me feeling pretty gross, so I just took my dopkit out of my backpack, walked over to the nice sinks, and hygiened myself up.

At least I bought something.

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Sheri said...

Nothing like a little taste of home to make a trip more fun!