Monday, May 12, 2008

Earthquake Aftermath

Wow, there's been a huge response to my entry about the earthquake. I don't have a lot of time (I can only get Internet outside, and it's raining), but I can update everyone on what's going on.

It's about 8 AM here, not many people around. I hear that most of the Chinese tried to sleep outside (and for those who live on the 22nd floor, it's no wonder!), but it's raining heavily now and that must be brutal.

Everyone I referred to in my post is with USAC's program. The Daniel I mentioned is Daniel Scallon; he's safe and taking a shower in my apartment if that's who you're looking for. If not, I hope you find your Daniel.

We ended up having a huge sleepover in my apartment with the ten or so USAC kids (and Brant's mom) who are still in town. There were a few minor scares, but nothing that lasted beyond running out of the apartment.

I was woken up several times to respond to the press. My mom called me to say that NBC wanted to talk to me. As you can imagine, that got me up even if it was 2 AM. I sounded shaky on the phone, since I had never been pumped for information internationally by a major news corporation. They had already found someone to do an interview with by phone.

By the time I talked to Jason I felt comfortable. We scheduled for me to be on Good Morning America Tuesday morning, which airs at 7 AM EST. You should watch it if you can. I'm not sure if things have changed while I slept, though, because when I just checked my email I had one saying that they wanted to talk to all the kids in our program. That would be a little disappointing not to have it all to myself, but I don't want to be selfish.

As far as how the city looks, it looks like normal. Dreary, with a few people walking or driving. I haven't heard of any buildings falling down, but I'm sure there's been structural damage that we can't see.

Take care.


Sheri said...

Thanks for the news about GMA tomorrow am. We will definitely watch! Dad read your blog to Nainai who doesn't have internet access right now. All this excitement- how am I going to get to bed now? ha, ha.

Mark Bakalor said...

Hey Will. It's great to hear you're okay. Stay safe out there!

katiepenguins said...

I hadn't even heard of the earthquake yet! Wow...

Anonymous said...

The mom in me can't help being concerned about you and your friends for the days, water, etc. Please update us so we know what to pray for. What we see in the media is so hearwrenching.
Sherilyn (Mrs. Curti to you)

Uncle Todd said...

Hey Will. Glad to hear you and your group are alright. Sounds like you're pretty close to the thick of things. Nainai called me last night. I missed your burst of fame if you got on GMA. Do well.

katiepenguins said...

I don't know how much you know, but here's an article.

I'll be surprised if you can get to that, but this was written by the NY Times about half an hour ago.

Here's some stuff--it's pretty black.

Sichuan is the hardest hit, of course. In all of China, 13,000 are known dead; China reports 60,000 missing. China is welcoming aid supplies but "isn't ready" for foreign aid workers. China also says that near the epicenter, 80% of the buildings and structures have collapsed. Military are fanning throughout the country, trying to rescue people, but supplies (blankets, tents and so forth) are in short supply. People are staying outside, afraid of aftershocks--you can probably see that part.

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks very much for your accounts of what Chengdu is going through. It's a major relief for me personally that Chengdu apparently didn't suffer major damage, despite the fact that it is so close to the epicentre. I have a friend who is teaching English at Sichuan University...I can't get through to him by phone, and his access to internet is intermittent at the best of times. His name is Allen Sutterfield; chances are of course you don't know him...

In any case, thanks again.