Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Short Post Concerning, in Part, the Weather

I’ve been feeling worn out recently. We just went on a field trip to a place world-famous for its rock carvings. The rock carvings were pretty cool (I’ll upload some pictures once my computer starts getting the Internet again), but mostly I enjoyed getting out of a day of school to ride on a bus and read.

The worst of winter has passed, and I’d say we’re honing in on summer. When the weather heats up some days, I can see why people don’t like Chengdu in the summer. It will be just like Orlando, except I don’t think it’ll have as much rain. It’s humid, I hear—after living in Florida, nothing feels humid to me—and surprisingly hot. Maybe having the sun out is just a fluke, though.

I’m in a pretty suibian mood. I don’t know how to translate that in English, and actually, I don’t know if you can say that in Chinese either. It means “casual,” but you can’t say in English that you’re in a casual mood. To show you what I mean, though, I haven’t deleted this paragraph.

I’ve also noticed that people have stopped commenting on my posts. I’m still trying to figure out the whole blogging things, so maybe there’s an ebb and flow that I haven’t figured out yet. Comments are a really nice way to let me know that I’m not typing to myself, though.

I think that’s about all I have energy for for this post.


Mom said...

I've only seen one photo of the so-called cool statues at the Dazu Grottos, so I'll really be interested in looking at whatever photos you can get on line.
As for the weather in Chengdu in summer- if I recall correctly, isn't Chengdu one of the "five ovens" of China? That sounds terrible so maybe you'll be getting out of there at the end of the semester just in time.
And lastly, could a translation of "suibian" be "relaxed"? an "easy-come, easy-go" kind of mood? I think Jaclyn would say "whatever!"

David said...

Ouch man, I hope you can get out before you're cooked alive lol.

katiepenguins said...

Just to let you know that I'm still following...

Grammie & PopPop said...

Many of us have had the flu, ect ... I for one have been enjoying reading about your travels and your work. We are so smazed how much you get to do. Surely, more than most students.
I love your haircut! You are growing into such a fine, good looking (if I must say so myself) guy!
We are all very proud of you!

Virginia said...

HI Will, I just finished reading all of your blogs since we left for Aspen in early Feb. I will go and comment on them individually. As for now, G'Dad and I were in Dazu on our trip in 1999! We were told that the carvings and paintings survived the revolution b/c Dazu was so isolated at that time. No one went there for anything I guess. We thought the carvings were quite bizarre in terms of what would happen to you if you went to the underworld. Not a good place to go!
I also remember that as we drove back to "civililation," some farmers had rice on the road so it would get crushed by the vechile wheels. It had become against the law to do that since it can cause cars to skid as if on ice.
We stopped and chatted with a man who was farming with a water baffalo. His wife and small child came out side of the house to greet us.
Good memories of a great trip. It was Sept. and not hot.
Love, Virginia