Sunday, March 9, 2008

How I Celebrated My Birthday

Since I recently celebrated my first birthday since I was 16, I figure it deserves its own entry. Most Chinese people I've talked to say that I'm the first person they've met who was born on Leap Year Day. I wonder if it's because they know fewer people than people do in America. Actually, the USAC students are pretty heavy on late-February birthdays. Mine was the 29th, another guy's was the 28th, and one of my roommate's had her birthday on the 27th. Our program director bought us a huge cake and after the break on Thursday all of us had some. Sofia put the copious icing to good use, but couldn't escape a retaliatory hug:

After class Friday I found out that I had been rejected from CET's program in Harbin. It was the middle of the night in America, so I couldn't call my mom until the evening, China-time. That left the whole afternoon to deal with the news myself. Class had gone really well. I totally nailed a vocab quiz we had, so I was in a good mood about Chinese even though my study abroad plans had been thrown into the air. It was a beautiful day, so we all went up to the roof of one of the apartments. I went up even higher to the top of a little water tower thing, and lied down and took a nap.

When I was done feeling so mellow, I decided I should at least do something with the good weather, so I got two people to film me juggling and made a short video. The file size is large if you're using dial-up, but it's a pretty good video , and has scenery that you would never find in America. The tricks are pretty difficult, by the way. Here's the link:

That night we went to the best Western restaurant in town. The twelve or thirteen people I got to come treated me to a burger and milkshake. Even my language partner and her friend came, so it was quite a party.

When we came back to the apartments, everyone got drunk, since it was a Friday night. If people didn't get drunk here nobody would practice their Chinese, but once they've played a several rounds of beer pong, chatting with the guards outside loses its intimidating aspect. I sat in the other apartment talking to my mom about being rejected and trying to enjoy being twenty.


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katiepenguins said...

I like it! I, uh, also posted a link to your video on my LiveJournal. >.>

Sheri said...

your blog is really nice. I was trying to figure out if I should be happy or sad that you weren't out getting drunk.
Anyway, the juggling video is very nice. Since the media player I'm using is not that good or whatever, the balls don't show up clearly- each one has a bit of a trail. So you looked like you were juggling six balls instead of three and eight instead of four- the easy way to be a juggling master, eh? The scenery was so industrial looking. Very interesting to me. Perhaps I'll put your link on my facebook.

Mel said...

so. i miss seeing your juggling.

1:00-1:02 looks really cool. thats the part where you allmoost dropped, but caught it. i like that trick, work on it some more when you have time :)

1:20 four ball shower looks really nice :)

woo paramore :)