Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My other application essay

As part of the summer application, I had to write a page-long essay in Chinese. And so, as a companion piece to the first essay I posted here, this is my essay in broken Chinese trying to tell the story of how I bought a cheap watch in Shanghai. If your browser can't read Chinese fonts, I recommend that you Google "displaying Chinese characters" and download something so you can appreciate all of my Chinese knowledge. I know how to write all of this! And if you want to correct my grammar or word choice, I won't be offended. :)

 我不知道,所以就把手表给她,跟她说《我很不高兴。这个手表很不好,打破了。给我我的钱!》当然她也不高兴了,告诉我很多东西。虽然我一般听不 懂,可我知道我不同意,所以在那。我们俩大喊大叫。他认为我高兴地出去,在外面手表是我的保管,可能我自己打坡了。我告诉她我不打手表。我看要是手表不好,她不应该说《这好。》她说当然我买的手表不好,就是八筷!可是,我争论是我的第二天在中国,我不知道八好不好价钱。


Virginga said...

Wow! This is fun! I got the essay in Chinese simplified, mostly. There are some numbers and the word"span" mixed in. The characters look like houses and people and things...I'm going to see if I can find a translator on line to let me see what you have written.
I am so proud of you! You know so much. Best of luck getting into the university in Harbin. I didn't realize you'd have to apply after you arrived in China.
Keep up the great work. I can see why you sounded so excited.
Love, Virginia

David said...

Hey Will, found your blog and I like reading what you have to say about your experience in China so far. Good job on the essay!

Virginga said...

Will, I just did the translation on babelfish(as TC would say, personal victory!)
You did a great job! I just laughed so hard. Having heard Chinese people speaking in "broken English" I was hearing your essay with that accent. Here's a question. Can you put it through the translator and then go back and figure out how to correct the characters? This is fascinating. Thanks for enriching my life!
I am printing the translation for Grammy Dru.

Mel said...

william! :)

suprisingly, i could recognize a good amount of characters and make a broken sentence here or there. i was a little excited. chinese is going okay- I'm kind of buckling down and attempting to get the most out of my obnoxious class.

i think about you brother.