Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heat versus Health

Yesterday was the warmest day since we got here. When we doing tai chi, not only did I take off my coat and scarf, but I also felt ready to sweat by the time we were done. Afterwards, we went to dinner, and I left my apartment for the second time without my coat. (This time I remembered my wallet.)

My luxuries have carried over into today. This morning my two roommates were gone, so I could turn on the heater in the main room. I still wish our heater could work in conjunction with other appliances, but at least I was warm while I was doing homework all day.

The heat has not made everything perfect. In fact, it seems like nature is playing a zero-sum game in which it has to even out the nice weather by making everyone and everything break down. One of the USAC guys celebrated Chunjie at our USAC intern's house in the countryside. When he came back he was sick and had to go to the hospital for a night. When he came back he didn't get better and is now back in the hospital. On a more minor level, everyone in my class has been feeling sick, which is bad for them because we have our first final on Friday.

Our apartment has not missed a chance to break down. I mentioned that the heater was working, since I carefully kept everything else turned off, but last night our shower didn't have hot water. In fact, our shower and Traci's shower weren't working, so our whole apartment was shower-less. Our toilet won't flush. Our washing machine works, though, which is more than the other apartments have.

It looks like my Internet situation has settled down. Our apartment does have Internet, but for some reason my computer won't connect if it's through a cable, so I keep my computer at the apartment with wireless and hope that they're home when I want to go online.

Oh, and the ATM won't give me any money. It says my card is not authorized for that kind of transaction, except that it is and I've gotten money before.

All this complaining is just because I studied for hours today and made sure nothing exciting was happening while I was figuring out the eight famous styles of Chinese cooking, and how to write them. I'm doing work like crazy; it's awesome.


Sheri said...

Now you've made me curious- what exactly ARE the eight styles of Chinese cooking? and have you eaten them?
Hey, you're gonna be really a pro when you go out to eat. Isn't there some Chinese proverb about Chinese food being the food of paradise? Now you'll know how to place an order for it when you get there.

mom said...

I guess I should feel pity that you have the on-going difficulties of life there, and I will if you want me to; but it seems that this is the stuff of life in a foreign country. Your attitude of (slightly) humorous resignation helps me to not worry about you.